Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Venus Versus Virus

Venus Versus Virus was pretty entertaining, but like Moeyo Ken it didn't really bring anything big to the party. Worst of all the ending was unreasonably abrupt and lacked resolution. So I won't spoil anything here, but this is how it ended: big battle starts, action freezes right before the first blow, then some dialogue, then end. No resolution, nothing. That is really the only disappointing thing though. The odd part is that it's only 12 episodes, it's one short of one of the normal anime lengths, makes me wonder if they ran out of money or something. Well anyway, I already started watching Magikano... I have this strange sense of deja vu though, I Think I've seen it before, but it's funny none the less so far (1 episode down). Well, enjoy!

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