Thursday, June 10, 2010


Finished watching the anime Karin. Karin is an anime about a family of vampires living in Japan, but Karin herself is an unvampire and instead produces blood. It was pretty funny and I enjoyed it a lot. Though like most comedic anime it got really serious at the end and I would have liked it if it didn't.

Now I'm watching Str.A.In: Strategic Armored Infantry. It's a space combat anime where they make these things called mimics that are made from embryonic fluids when you're still in the womb, so if it's destroyed you can't fly a strain anymore as it is some sort of control interface kind of thing. It's actually pretty good, but the beginning was really unexpected.

SPOILER: Everyone dies, okay it's at the beginning not a big, but the main character's brother turns traitor and kills everyone at the training camp his sister is at, almost including her.

Also this anime has a character named Dickon and they pronounce it dick in.... really bad idea lol.

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