Monday, June 21, 2010

Sakura Wars

So Sakura Wars was pretty good, I've wanted to finish it for a while and actually did so early morning Saturday, but I had to head to Connecticut for Father's Day and it was actually not as bad a trip as usual. Well the anime was good and the ending was good it had good pacing, but they didn't really show a gradual improvement it was: they're good then losing a lot now they're really powerful. They actually had that as part of the story though because their Kobu (steam and spirit powered mechanical armor) run off their spirit power which changes depending on mood and such and near the end it gets so high the Kobu can't handle it so they need to be modified so they can get super powerful. All in all it was really good and had a good ending as well, but there are a few OVA that I'm wondering about... Well I guess it's time to start a Aquarion!

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