Thursday, June 10, 2010

Str.A.In: Strategic Armored Infantry

I just finished watching strain and I must say it was dubbed well. I like the plot a lot too, but it feels like it's rushed through and could have been expanded easily from 13 to 24 episodes. It's definitely depressing at points though because they don't care if they kill off a character as easily as slicing through a vacuum (which is super easy by the way). I like this though, they get rid of the whole "oh they're a main character, so they'll win this fight" kind of mentality. It also deals a lot with emotional problems

SPOILER {{the main character Sara loses everyone she's ever loved or cared about and puts up barriers so she won't make friends, then makes friends with a doll that is the key to her strain.}}

as well as showing issues with bullies and whatnot. I'm very confused by the ending though

SPOILER {{The main character ends up over 130 years in the future after fighting her brother due to near light travel, but her old crew picks her up! I can only assume they traveled enough at near light speeds to be able to barely grow older then her.}}

All in all I enjoyed the anime and would definitely suggest it, though there's not as much action as there internal struggles, but it helps develop the characters and really does work with the plot. I suppose my next anime will be Kanon (2006 I believe) but we'll see.

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