Thursday, June 17, 2010

Misaki Chronicles

I remember now that I hated how Divergence Eve ended. The whole thing was another time reversal like ending only this time it threw you back to Misaki's cadet days and then ended abruptly. I actually liked the plot of both of them and the only real complaint I have is the over excessive use of computer generated 3D graphics! Except for ship innards, parts of the planet, and the characters (not counting ghoul and ghoul like creatures) everything is CG. It doesn't give it a good look at all and seemed more like a cheap tactic as animating a clunky robot or craft is a lot cheaper in 3D as you don't need to redraw the model you just tell it to move. They really did feel completely out of place in an anime world and it felt like I was watching Gundam Savior at points, ugh... Anyway everything else is okay to good, nothing super spectacular, though it's oft confusing and the ending needs clarification, but I still liked it. Nonetheless it's Sakura Wars on the chopping block next.

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