Sunday, October 24, 2010


It feels so abandoned here, programming eats away all the time that chemistry studying and watching Papuwa and such doesn't take up. Though I did see the first four episodes of Queen's blade (while programming in C) and it was pretty good (and would be so even without the nudity). Papuwa I've seen part of before and it's still good, it's much crazier and nonsensical then FLCL though. Well with that I guess it's back to studying for chemistry! You all have fun

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

I just can't get into this series, I've SLOWLY been watching it. First I did a bunch of episodes in a week, then one episode a week, now I'm down to biweekly. Lucky I only have two episodes left, but I don't know why I just can't get into it, maybe I'm just too distracted by school work and such now.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Sky Crawlers

Alright I just finished watching The Sky Crawlers (a movie involving planes and war) and I enjoyed it. Though basically the movie is social commentary on a variety of topics. The backgrounds looked beautiful, but the characters left a lot to be desired and the voice acting could've used a lot more enthusiasm. To get the full experience of the movie though you HAVE TO stick around for the minute or two of the movie that is AFTER the credits otherwise you miss out big time. At first I was like this is the worst ending ever, but then I fast forwarded to after the credits and I was like WOAH what? It's a mind trip I'll tell you what. I don't like giving spoilers away so I won't say anything, but there are parts of the movie you could sleep through and not miss a beat. That being said I'd still recommend it.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea

So I finally watched Ponyo and I must say it was really good. Not the best Studio Ghibli film, but it was still really good. I just wish they did like a 20 years later kind of thing at the end of the film, but it still wasn't all that bad of an ending. Pacing was good and it was only an hour and forty or so minutes, but the children are loud like in Totoro, which is annoying because normalization doesn't work lol. The dubbing was good too, but the subs and dialogue didn't always match well. I did notice one anomaly though: a house was drawn reflected in the water, but the reflection left out the roof over one of the first story windows of the two story house it's no big deal, but I expected more from them.

I've been watching Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha over the past few days as well and I'm liking it, but I'm likely to watch The Sky Crawlers or the anime rendition of Batman in Batman Gotham Knight.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Please Teacher

So actually I'm still watching watching this, but it's not all that good. They have the stupidest names and sayings. Like his disease is a "standstill" what kind of stupid name is that. On top of that the teacher always calls things her "priority one". It's pretty obnoxious. Not much happens here either... basically the same thing over and over. I'm sure the ending is good though, I watched that far once, but the sequel Please Twins was much better.

Also my graphics processor does this weird thing where it uses 70% GPU constantly even when not playing a game, but seems so only after I play a game. Might be due to the newest drivers though and may be on the UI only.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Please Twins

So I just finished up Please Twins (and the OVA) and it was pretty good though this is the second time I've seen them it's been so long I didn't remember most of it. For a 12 episode long series it was actually well paced and the ending was really good, but it's one of those anime where you have to sit after the credits and on top of that it's one of those anime which starts with story before the opening and I really hate when they do that. There are some parts in between that are boring though so it loses a few points there, but it's pretty funny at times so I guess it's pretty good. On top of all that there were times when it was obvious that they were saving budget like repeating two frames over and over and over and over and talking without moving their mouth and such. Still all in all a good series.

On a side note there's some more issues that I don't know if is from the motion interpolation or from the media player, but sometimes if I load up another show it will load the new show's frames and audio and still keep the old audio playing with it!

Well Please Teacher is up next some time, but I think I've seen that already too.... but no matter I'll watch it anyway!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gun X Sword

So it took a while, but I finally got through it. It wasn't that it was bad or anything, I just have been busy. It's a pretty awesome show and one where the bad guys really weren't all that bad necessarily. The whole story was one of revenge and not really one of these evil guys or anything. The ending was pretty awesome as well, but there's really not room for any sort of sequel because of the whole point of the story, but definitely worth a watch!

I started using motion interpolation as well. It double the frame rate to near 60FPS and the shows look a lot smother, but the problem comes in seeking and edges. When seeking the screen flickers the old frames over the new with the new audio and sometimes with lines on the edge it will flicker there too, but it looks a lot better.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Makai Sengki Disgea

Disgea was pretty funny, dood! I've never played the game so I don't know how similar it is, dood! It was pretty good, dood! It was way too short though, dood! Needed more Prinny, dood! I'm done here, dood!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ushio and Tora

This show was pretty funny and there was plenty of action too. The animation style is old so it looks weird. The extras are pretty hilarious too: the deleted scenes and the comically deformed theater. The two main characters were developed pretty well, but the side characters stayed pretty stagnant sans one or two. The ending on the other hand was a let down, but was still satisfactory. I also would've liked to see Ushio's father more. Well there's a long list of anime to watch, but I still don't know what's next... probably Disgea.

Oh I forgot to mention that the end song is obnoxious because it is like 6 minutes long!

Friday, July 2, 2010


Alright so I just finished watching Suzuka and it wasn't bad, but it was pretty much your average high school drama anime so no monsters to fight or anything like that. Though it was 26 episodes long they did not really develop most of the cast and that really did pull away from the show especially when a character or two show up as foreground characters, but only a handful of times and only only say a few words and often their next appearance will have basically the same lines. One of them seemed like they should have been meant to be a foil of sorts, but pretty much every time they appeared it was like everyone ignored them and it detracted a bit from the show. I really would've like to see Miki and Yasunobu be more fleshed out, but what can you do?

On a side note I've been playing APB: All Points Bulletin a lot over the last few days and it's super fun, but it's still got a few bugs to work out that really do suck like VOIP randomly cutting out for extended periods of time or the random crashes and disconnects. Still super fun though.