Friday, July 23, 2010

Please Twins

So I just finished up Please Twins (and the OVA) and it was pretty good though this is the second time I've seen them it's been so long I didn't remember most of it. For a 12 episode long series it was actually well paced and the ending was really good, but it's one of those anime where you have to sit after the credits and on top of that it's one of those anime which starts with story before the opening and I really hate when they do that. There are some parts in between that are boring though so it loses a few points there, but it's pretty funny at times so I guess it's pretty good. On top of all that there were times when it was obvious that they were saving budget like repeating two frames over and over and over and over and talking without moving their mouth and such. Still all in all a good series.

On a side note there's some more issues that I don't know if is from the motion interpolation or from the media player, but sometimes if I load up another show it will load the new show's frames and audio and still keep the old audio playing with it!

Well Please Teacher is up next some time, but I think I've seen that already too.... but no matter I'll watch it anyway!

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