Wednesday, September 9, 2009

There's not a deep enough pit in hell Best Buy.

Welcome to WTF Wednesday. This post's topic? Why The Fib? This one goes out to Best Buy. I don't like to put personal bias in things, but man do I hate you guys 90% of the time. Who here knows what Linux is? If you said no, go on to a different post since the rest of this won't make you Hulk green with anger. Best Buy sells things, and this includes Windows 7. Well now Best Buy wants its employees to see the dark side of Linux. Linux is riddled with issues like incompatibility and security holes. Yep, Best Buy says it so it MUST be true... FALSE. I've used Linux (albeit not too extensively) for over a year. I've never needed to use Wine for anything (windows emulator). I could get my mail and IM people, but I must admit I used windows for games. Now poses that problem, but from what I understand Wine works well with games too, as well as another software I just heard about recently but forgot its name. I haven't used Linux in quite a while, nor had wine installed for the same time (I installed it as a precautionary measure every time I installed Kubuntu) so things have definitely improved. I also have never had issues with any security holes, but I guess the same is said for Windows, excluding malware of any kind and the occasional virus. Anyway here's the link to today's WTF Wednesday article, enjoy. This is why I hate Best Buy (or at least one of them)

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