Friday, September 11, 2009

The 13th God ~ Prelude To Rapture~Page 00

Welcome children. Sit around Papa Enzer cause it's story time. That's right, today is Fable Friday and I'll be doing an ongoing story with a section every week. I know, I know, it's going to be horrible, what hell what do I do that isn't? Aaaaanyway, this story is called The 13th God and today is the back story. In fact the back story is so long, I'm going to need a scroll box... hold on while I whip one out.

As the many dimensions of the ultimate existence (all that is and ever was) expand and contract, something mystical happens. When universes collapse in upon themselves gods are born from the extreme power. I will now define a dimension as another time continuum than ours, but not like ours (otherwise it would be considered parallel, which these are not), we can not normally interact with such other dimensions without the help of a powerful energy source equivalent to an entire dimension imploding. Now in one dimension as many as 12 gods existed and each was conceived of a universe in the same dimension (each dimension can have a seemingly infinite amount of universes that almost never get to interact with each other).

After the 12 gods were formed a great evil sprang about when a cataclysmic event caused a neighboring dimension to violently condense into an antigod, a being with such immense power that it can destroy other gods. The cataclysm caused the antigod to protrude into the dimension of 12 gods. The gods decided to fight back while the antigod was still forming in their dimension, they each morphed into one of the Twelve Swords of Holy Dissonance. With these swords the Hero of Holy Dissolution. The hero used the swords to break apart the antigod while in its forming stage and seal it away all over several universes. The hero also sealed away every sword along his travels in order to prevent one person from being too powerful in the universe.

Three thousand years have passed since that day and the antigod has risen again. The swords only reshaped the antigod, but didn't stop the forming, only slowed it. Now there is only one god left, the 13th god, formed from a small dimension one thousand years prior to the antigod's resurfacing. She is very powerful, but she would not commit herself to become a sword like the others. She called upon a new hero to collect the swords once again and use their force to end the antigod, with her help of course. The problem is that now that the god's faith has almost all but disappeared, their power has become meek compared to their former glory, but the 13th god has a plan. The hero was given the first sword by his grandfather on the day of his grandfather's death. This is the Instant Transmogrification, the sword of the space god Kuljar.

The 13th god picks up the faint feeling of faith in the closest sword and sends him to it.

Next part will describe The first sword, oooo shiny. But that gets its own post.

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