Monday, May 10, 2010

Finals are more then a minor annoyance!

With all the finals stuff going on: studying, testing, and writing papers; we here at Something Ambiguous have been very busy. In fact the whole college experience has been keeping us a bit busy, but hopefully when summer vacation rolls around we'll have more free time to do things (or the other side of the coin... we won't... mostly due to video games and work, perhaps some extra schooling too). Though I have been posting twitter reviews on games I've been playing, it's more short and sweet then here. I do want to get a full L4D2 review underway soon, not as epically long as my other I suppose though. I'm not sure what Sage Gnosis has planned, but I know there was talk about doing more once the summer starts, so stay tuned (in a week or so when summer actually starts).

You people who actually read this, have fun... and good luck on your finals (if you've got 'em).

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